Friday, December 28, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration

I am getting so excited about my kitchen.  It is the smallest space in the farmhouse but it is going to be my favorite. The kitchen is where I get inspired; I want the design to be both functional and pretty.
I lived in New York years ago and my two favorite places were Magnolia Bakery and Dean & Deluca. Anytime I walked into either of these places, I would just study my surroundings and try and take it all in. I lived there way before design was ever on my radar, but somehow I knew every time I walked into either place, something was very right.
I loved how both of those places offered an open and simple design; the layout was so inspiring. The backdrop was fresh and clean, using a natural color palette mixed with a stark white. Whether it was a loaf of bread or potatoe salad, it looked beautiful simply because the backdrop was so great.
In my farm house, this would be my perfect blend of choice: french bakery meets artisan grocery store...
I love the open and clean feel of this space. I am debating whether or not to do open shelving in certain parts of my kitchen. It would be nice to just reach and grab and also highlight some of my favorite every-day white dishes.

I Love this color palette... aged white with black.

Backsplash style

I just love how everything is out in the open, on display.

Lovely! I just love this look

This is my first purchase for the kitchen. It was my inspiration piece. I bought it from Bloom and Bee Swanky and it came out of a church. I am going to use it for my island and I can't wait to get it cleaned up and placed in the right spot.
My sister got this little delight for me for Christmas. How cute is this? I can't wait to stick in my kitchen!! It definitely has that "bakery" feel to it. Thanks Mikey!
Once I get started on the kitchen, I will show you the progress! If you are designing a space, and not sure what direction you are wanting to go, start browsing and saving pics. Study the details and take note of what you love and don't love about each pic- this will help you define the style that is perfect for you and your space. Enjoy the process!