Thursday, June 28, 2012

Melt my heart...

One thing we have tried to do in our family is take each kid out individually for a datenight. It's not often we get to do it, but when we do, it is so fun! Last week I took my oldest son to a baseball game and dinner. When we were in the car, I had the music on because I thought he would like it. He tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Mom, can you turn that off, I really just want to talk." Sweetest thing I've ever heard.
I have managed to take 3 out of the 4 on a special date in the past week, and tonight will be for little Duke man. He is such a sweet little boy. He has asked about tonight for the past 2 weeks. He can hardly wait, and neither can I.
No matter your kids age, try and set aside a time at least once a month to take them on a special date. You learn so much more about them when they aren't competing with their siblings.

We have to go after their hearts. Here's to sweet, valuable time with our children!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More projects...

Here are some more fun transformations we got to be a part of...







Monday, June 25, 2012

Simple Updates.

 Over the past 10 years my husband and I have seen home transformations of every kind. This has helped me see beyond colors and walls to get vision for a space. Whether it be a kitchen or a bath, I wanted to show you simple ways you can create a new look and feel of any room by simply changing some things up.

The first is the kitchen of my good friend Lesley. Her kitchen was too stale for her personality and that of her family's. In this picture you can see her ceilings are low and the space is tight with the heavy cabinets. Since that window is the only source of natural light in her kitchen, we needed to lighten things up a bit. 





Here is a breakdown of what we did and an approximate cost estimate. This is good for those of you looking to redo some things so you can get perspective on what it may cost.

Painted Cabinets: Sherwin Williams, Pure White(oil based) $1400-1850
Paint Kitchen walls- $800-$1500
New Brushed Nickel knobs: About 3.50 each at Lowe's
Level 1, Brazillian Black granite, 3cm: $2500-$3200
Undermount Sink, white porcelain: $325
Brushed Nickel Faucet: $160, Lowes
New 18x18 porcelain floor tile- layed at a diagnol. (I feel that if you go with a bigger tile in a smaller space, it gives the illusion that it is bigger) $850-$1500
Backsplash- 3x6 ivory tumblestone $600-$900

Now let's move to her bathroom...

As you can see her fixtures are outdated. Her sinks, faucets, and countertops were outdated as well. The mirror looks flat because there is no trim work. Her bathtub was a dated cultured marble and the faucet was gold. The flooring was a 12x12 that was laid straight, the bathroom floors needed some movement.





Job Breakdown:(approx)

New 18x18 porcelain tile floors laid at a diagnol- $975
New Surround on tub, kept the marble on the top part to keep cost down. Wrapped the tub surround with floor tile- $275
New brushed nickel tub faucet- $185, Lowes
Paint bathroom walls- $750
Paint cabinets white- $350
New knobs for cabinets- $3.50 ea
Chandelier over tub- $95, Home Depot
2 new vanity lights above sink- $65 ea, Lowes
Countertop tile with sealed grout- 2x2 tile that matched floor tile- $425
2 bowl sinks and new brushed nickel faucets- Sinks $115 ea, faucets $185 ea, Lowes
Trim out mirror- $120
Re-tile master shower- $600-$950
Install new glass door for shower- $750

If you have the means and your tired of an outdated space in your home, hopefully this simple breakdown is a good way for you to get a realistic perspective for you own project!


I had quite a bit of shopping to do this weekend for some clients. I always look forward to hittin' all of my favorite shops in town for goodies and unique finds. It was a good weekend to find bargains and steals. This always happens when I am shopping for other people,
 I accidentally find things for myself. You would be proud of me though, after the truck full of finds, this is the only thing I took home for myself.

 Maybe it's a bit odd, but for some reason this old radio spoke to me. My grandad used to listen to his old timey radio that sat on top of his fridge. This reminded me of him. It also reminded me of how simple life was back then. The technology was not louder than life like it is now.

From a design standpoint, I love the blend of textures and colors... that's another reason why this little fellow is a keeper!

I am doing a kid's playroom for some adorable triplets. When I stumbled across this vintage table sign, I got so excited about how random and perfect it was for three little cuties for the mantle in their playroom. When we are finished with the room, I can't wait to show you the finished product!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Wanting some dimension to your walls? Here's an idea: go buy a fun old box or container and a plant, and screw that sucker into the wall. It's cute, functional, and adds some dimension and interest to your flat walls.
Thanks Molly for snapping the pics!

Color Outside the Lines

Molly took some shots a while back of some ways I like to contain my crayons. The options are endless! Have fun finding a creative way to store your crayolas!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy the Home

 CeCe called me several months ago for a design consult in her home. Right when I walked in, I wondered to myself why she even called, her house looked so good! Her home was so inspiring and creatively designed!I loved walking through it and I wanted to savor every minute I was in her home.

 I wanted to feature her home in my DIY-mom's series because she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and get the job done. CeCe is very crafty and creative so most of what you will see, she did herself. She loves to incorporate her children's work throughout her home as well. CeCe's home is full of life and color and I am so happy to share it with you!

Q: What inspires you?

CeCe: "I am mostly inspired by white and color. They feel alive and happy to me. I like having a colorful home because it fits our kids, their stuff, and their creations.  I want it to feel fun, funky and original. I've never had an eye for design, but years of seeing other's homes, and having good friends with a great feel for design, it has been great to learn from. The fun part to me is not about money and what I can buy for my home but about the hunt for the creative idea and the unique items. I love Pinterest because it helps people like me see the room that makes me feel at home, and then I get to search to emulate some of the ideas for my home."


CeCe found this chair at a used furniture store and
 had it recovered with this amazing chevron fabric. So fun!

This map is my favorite thing in her house. She saw this idea on Pinterest. She found an old map, and an old window screen. She penciled in the words "let's have adventures together". The screen adds a fun yet subtle texture to the map. She trimmed out the screen in a thin trim and then painted it blue. I would love this in my home, I just won't ever make it. CeCe, when you get tired of this, I will buy it from you!

I love how CeCe blends traditional, vintage and eclectic items. These two arm chairs were found at an estate sale. As shown in her living room, when you blend styles, it is okay to leave certain pieces in their original condition. It adds more personality to the space.

I like the pop of orange with the blue.

This cute artwork was done by her children. It is on display on her
 walls in her kitchen.

CeCe painted the wall in her hallway with chalkboard paint, so fun for the kids.

Q: What has been the greatest tool for your design style?

"The Internet has been my greatest teacher. When the kids were in bed late at night I would search things like lamps...I didn't know what kind of lamp to get for my bedside tables, should it match? tall? fat? So i looked at hundreds of master bedroom pics, and found a look I felt looked like  "us" and went looking for a similar kind of was so fun. First and foremost, there are billions of more important things in my life and lives of all people than my master bedroom lamps, but I wanted to honor God in decorating my home. so, I had no idea how to pray but I ventured out and asked God to help me figure it out, just enough to decorate, paint, and situate "stuff" in our house that would represent our family."

A close friend helped CeCe with vision of inexpensive and fun ways to decorate. She took her to estate sales,and introduced her to buying old stuff for cheap and making it new with spray paint.These chairs were used when she bought them, she painted them with spray paint and recovered them with this great fabric.

CeCe found this old canvas at a junk store for $10. She painted one of her
favorite sayings right over it. Such a great idea!

Q: What's left on your to-do list for your home?

"There are still little projects to do and little items to find, but the bulk is done, and it was a blast. Anytime I needed an art type piece I'd first see if I could fill it with pictures of my kids, or their art work. I LOVE to see their creations daily. I read a few blogs by fun stay at home moms who do crafts and art with their kids a lot and I steal their ideas, and my kids love to find new art ideas from the internet now too...Also, our main pieces of art we wanted to be unique to anyone else.. our two main pieces are done by girls we know, one of a kind and have huge significant meaning to us. and the others I wanted to be homemade, cause its fun..."

CeCe, thanks so much for taking the time to snap some shots of your adorable home. It is so full of life and truly inspiring. One of my biggest deals on designing spaces with children is creating an environment where they will thrive. You have mastered this! Way to mix things up and not allow yourself to get overwhelmed with design rules. Your home is a true representation of you and your family. I love it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Milk and Cookies, Please?

Milk bottles, striped straws, and cookies galore. My friend, Laura had a Milk & Cookies party for her son, Oak Jackson. What a fun idea! The details were amazing and so were the cookies!


Her sweet and talented sister, Amy Dale made this adorable invite. Amy is a photographer (she snapped the shots for the party) and she also does custom paper works.

Her husband did this artwork on the chalkboard... love it.

Homemade cookies of every kind. I want a milk and cookie party...

Laura found these great berry baskets on , cutest stuff on this website, you need to check it out for your next party! Good find Laura...

Striped straws from , notice the cute orange one for Oak?

Party Favors

Yes, Laura made these felt favors for the kiddos. How cute is this? Again, I admire a woman who is patient with the details.

Milk Mustaches for the guests!

Oak, Your mama loves you. That smile says it all.

Laura, you are amazing. You inspire so many with your talents! Thanks for sharing your party with us!

Unicorn Party

You have seen Molly's work before on my blog because she has photographed projects and events for me and our business. Molly is talented in so many ways. Wait til I show you her house in my "favorite spaces" series! Molly's style is refined. It is clean, simple, and unique. She is also a wonderful woman, mother, and friend. Enjoy her party for her sweet daughter, Brennan.
Q: "What inspired you for Brennan's 5th Birthday Party?"
"My daughter was the inspiration! She decided about 7 months before her birthday that she wanted a unicorn party and requested that the colors of the party be pink, white, and yellow. She has very specific taste...wonder where she gets it from?"

These adorable paper horns made by friend, Emily Nance

Paper garland made by Molly. Love it!

Cake made by Emily Nance

 What I loved about Molly's party was that there were so many activities for the little girls. Molly had different stations for the girls and you could tell they enjoyed every minute of it! You could decorate your own unicorn cookie, paint a unicorn, and make a unicorn necklace.

Favors for the guests

Molly- thanks for letting me share. Your party was so sweet. Your daughter got what she wanted and you made it look so beautiful!