Saturday, September 29, 2012

We are filming a Pilot!

Earlier this year, Molly sent pictures of my house to Gabby, with Design Mom. Gabby posted pics of my house on her blog. You can see the post here. Back in March I got a random call from a production company that does work for networks on TV, they follow Gabby (she is amazing) and they said they found us on her blog. I was surprised by the phone call to say the least!
For the past several months, we have been going back and forth with the production company. They sent a crew down in May to film our lives and what we do for a living.

photo courtesy of Jenn, her house was used during the filming

It was four days of filming for a 3 minute video the network wanted to see. All this to say, a particular network liked the video and they ordered a Pilot. A Pilot is basically a sample of what a series would be like so they can show the network, if the network approves, we could get a show.
After a hard year of the ups and downs of owning our own business, this journey has brought fun and excitement in the midst of all the stress. We are ready for whatever God has in store for us. Of course it would be fun to get a show, but we also realize it would be a lot of work. No matter what happens, we truly believe that God has a specific plan for our family, our lives, and our business. That takes a lot of the stress of the unknown off our shoulders so we can simply enjoy the journey.

The production company comes next week to start the filming for the Pilot, they will be here for a month and it is going to be crazy busy. I will try and post a few times but I may be out of commission.

As a woman who does not like to think ahead, I have to for October or I will get pummeled. School drop-offs, pick-ups, daily schedules for the kiddos, meals, and running a business, it's been interesting trying to plan without really knowing what my schedule will be like when they come. I have 5 more days to get my junk together so this goes as smooth as possible.
Today my mom helped me pack lunches for the next month. All I will have to do is grab and pack. I am so excited about this because for some reason, making lunches for four kids makes me want to cry... every time. Not lovin' all the processed foods but my sister kept reminding me it's easy and it's just for a month.
I am praying for extra grace and strength this next month! I am excited for them to come. I think I will be most excited though about coming home after a long day of filming and sitting with these guys...
 photo by Molly Winn
I can't wait to share the journey with you all and I will keep you posted when time allows!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I never thought it would take this long, but in a weird way I am thankful for this long process. Our house hasn't been worked on in quite some time and we have hit a few snags and bumps along the way. Patience. God is teaching me so much. I am learning He isn't always for the idea of "giving us what we want when we want it." That way is the shortcut and there is no true gain in that place. Character. He cares for us and He wants to train our hearts to be ready for the gift so when we finally receive it, our posture will be that of gratefulness.
 My attitude in life sometimes is to rush through things and get things done fast. This slow journey has allowed me to step back and really evaluate every square inch of this home and think through everything. Typically, I make up my mind quick about a personal design decision and move on. Honestly, this is more enjoyable because this place will soon be my home and I want to carefully evaluate my space so it is practical for our needs.
This portion will be the master bath, leading out into the master addition. This is the only part of the house that will be new. With that, I don't want it to feel like an addition. So my current challenge is finding materials that match the existing house.
The framing started back up last week. It sure is tricky tying in an old roof line to a new one and making it look natural. We have had a couple of changes after the fact, the framers love me...
This will be the boys room. I want to do built-in bunks that will hold all four kiddos for when we have our weekend "slumba parties". 
Girls bedroom. Keeping all the bead board and original floors. Ella has already requested that all 4 windows be removed. She doesn't want to see any coyotes.

I have always realized that when you remodel an old home, you can't always get what you want. There are limitations within any existing space, and there is a trade off when character and charm is a bigger priority than space and function. The small portion of this room in the right corner will be my kitchen. There was a wall there before, so even though I am not gaining much space, it will feel open because it opens up to the dining and living.
This was the front of the house and will now be the back. Bought some old doors that are going to be set in the dining room. They are too thick for the exterior walls. Awesome. I told my framer to just figure it out and let me know when it's done. He has to figure it out because I don't have a plan B (or at least I don't want one)
Honestly, we didn't love the house at first because it seemed too small, this waiting period has made us fall in love with this house (even when it looks like this). The idea of smaller living spaces and less options for gathering seemed to be the answer to my desire to simplify.
My girls have built the fairy garden while their mama just stares at the house trying to figure things out. Cute kids.
So, this was the rear and now the front of our home.
In my ten years of remodels and renovations, this is my biggest challenge. How do I make an early 1900's farmhouse that is two bedroom and only 1700 sq ft work for our family of 6? And I thought this was going to be done 4 months ago?!
When we finally get in this thing, it will have been worth it and the reward will be sweeter
because of the waiting.  
I will update you as things get moving!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

D.I.Y MaMa

My sweet friend just had her little boy, Quinn Arrow. Lexia and her husband Todd are such an example on how marriage is a true partnership. They work together and they do it well. The majority of baby Quinn's room was handmade with love by Todd and Lexia.
From the changing table, to the sign hanging on the wall, these pieces will work for a boy at any age. I love the industrial element added to the room. The pillows, cushions and linens help balance the room out and add a soft touch for their precious little baby boy.
When you Do It Yourself, you not only save money, you also create pieces that tell a story and can be passed down to generations to come!
~Welcome to the world Quinn Arrow~



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Squirrel Anyone?

I've talked before about how my husband doesn't believe in just shooting something for the fun of it. If you shoot it, you must eat it. This is the second time a squirrel has been shot and eaten in our household. When it happened the first time, I told Chip to never bring a rat like creature in our house again. I guess he forgot about that...
Another entree this week was dove. I had to literally mind over matter the tiny feathers stuck to the meat as I was cleaning and preparing a bird I swore I would never eat. My hands still smell like the bacon I had to wrap those little farts in. Chip keeps telling me that when we move out to the farm I have to get tough. Tough is gross, smelly, and not that tasty.
We should have a you tube video on how to shoot, skin, and prepare squirrel for the table. This little guy got the pleasure of marinating in Teriyaki sauce before he got roasted.
Poor little guy was just looking for a nut. Probably didn't see this coming.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home.

I grew up on Main St.. I have vivid memories of hopscotch in the street, catching earth worms in the gutters after a hard rain, and riding my hot wheels like a wild woman up and down that street. Those were good days filled with good memories. Every time I see this old street sign on my desk, it takes me back to the past, those were sweet times. The picture above the desk reminds me of childhood dreams. Ever since I was a little girl, I imagined myself living on land with lots of trees and water. This canvas speaks to me about  a little girl's dream and the hope of Heaven one day... it's peaceful.

When I first got married, I filled up my spaces with things that took up room but had zero meaning. I was in such a hurry to "make" our home that I mindlessly decorated our house just to complete the space. At the time I never knew why it didn't feel like home, but looking back now I get it. A home is compiled of those who live inside it and also the stories told on the walls; Memories that allow us to reflect and be grateful for where we came from and where we are now.

If you are feeling your rooms are lacking some life, add a little more meaning to them. It's good to blend pretty with practical. Go antiquing at your favorite shop and if you stumble across something that speaks to you about your own story or of someone in your family, incorporate it in your home. Be intentional with your spaces so you can thrive where you are and enjoy your Home sweet Home.