Friday, December 28, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration

I am getting so excited about my kitchen.  It is the smallest space in the farmhouse but it is going to be my favorite. The kitchen is where I get inspired; I want the design to be both functional and pretty.
I lived in New York years ago and my two favorite places were Magnolia Bakery and Dean & Deluca. Anytime I walked into either of these places, I would just study my surroundings and try and take it all in. I lived there way before design was ever on my radar, but somehow I knew every time I walked into either place, something was very right.
I loved how both of those places offered an open and simple design; the layout was so inspiring. The backdrop was fresh and clean, using a natural color palette mixed with a stark white. Whether it was a loaf of bread or potatoe salad, it looked beautiful simply because the backdrop was so great.
In my farm house, this would be my perfect blend of choice: french bakery meets artisan grocery store...
I love the open and clean feel of this space. I am debating whether or not to do open shelving in certain parts of my kitchen. It would be nice to just reach and grab and also highlight some of my favorite every-day white dishes.

I Love this color palette... aged white with black.

Backsplash style

I just love how everything is out in the open, on display.

Lovely! I just love this look

This is my first purchase for the kitchen. It was my inspiration piece. I bought it from Bloom and Bee Swanky and it came out of a church. I am going to use it for my island and I can't wait to get it cleaned up and placed in the right spot.
My sister got this little delight for me for Christmas. How cute is this? I can't wait to stick in my kitchen!! It definitely has that "bakery" feel to it. Thanks Mikey!
Once I get started on the kitchen, I will show you the progress! If you are designing a space, and not sure what direction you are wanting to go, start browsing and saving pics. Study the details and take note of what you love and don't love about each pic- this will help you define the style that is perfect for you and your space. Enjoy the process!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Farmhouse Progress

The front doors are in and all the siding is up! Next thing is the metal roof and then the exterior will be almost finished. Finding a brick to match the original brick on the house has been a challenge. Chip thinks he has found it though so I can't wait to see it up along the base of the house!

{Closet Doors}

I found these two sets of doors in Roundtop, Tx. They were a bit tricky to frame, but I am excited for these to be in our bedroom!

{Master Bath Doors}

Lovin' these old doors that are finally up! This set is for the girl's bedroom closet. The girls call them their "castle" doors. Ella wants to know why they are so dirty... I tried to explain to her that it's character, and that's a good thing!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Better to Give than to Receive!

As Christmas is fast approaching, the idea of accumulating more stuff makes me a little nauseous. Even though 90% of my house is in boxes now, we still have a lot of stuff  in our temporary home. There are a ton of toys my kids don't play with and they are about to get a lot more in ten days. My first instinct was to go through all the toys one night while the kids were in bed and get rid of some, they would never know...
Then the other day I saw these cute, large gift bags at Michael's on Sale for $2. And it came to me, if I want to teach my kids it is better to give then to receive, now is the time to do it.
I honestly didn't know how it would go. I mean these are their toys I am asking to bag up and give away. So, I set them all down and told them how there were kids in our own town that will wake up on Christmas morning with no gifts. Maybe their father has lost his job or maybe they are just living in poverty, etc... I gave each child a bag and told them they had an opportunity to change a child's Christmas. There were two rules: Don't give them anything broken or damaged (we put those toys in the trash) and I had to see everything they put in their bag so I knew what they were giving away.
We turned the Christmas music up really loud and off to work my little elves went. It was such a sweet time to watch them fill their bags up. They would say to each other, "I really like this toy but I don't need it and they will be happy when they see this!" It is one thing to throw and give things away, it is another to give things away you like. Actually, some of the stuff they were putting in those bags I honestly wanted to keep, I had to shut my mouth and let them give freely.
We took all the bags to the car so they are ready for delivery on Christmas Eve. Our mission will be to find homes where we know small children live and then leave a bag on their front porch. I told the kid's they were going to be Christmas angels.
Trust me when I say this isn't a bragging moment for me as a mother, it is actually embarrassing that we can fill 8 bags of toys and two trash bags full just in one room... and still have plenty. It was not only a teachable moment for my children but for me as well. It is honestly easier to give when you are a child. The older we get, the tighter our grip gets on stuff we think we need.
I challenge you to do this in your home before Christmas. The benefit is three-fold, your kids will get excited about giving, other children will get to experience the joy of receiving, and your house will be a little less cluttered.
Maybe this could  be a start to a fun tradition...

Friday, December 7, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life!

A tradition I grew up with every Christmas with my family was watching "It's a Wonderful Life". The movie never got old, in fact I grew to love it more and more as the years went on. Now that my kids are getting old enough, Chip and I want to carry on this same tradition with our family.
It is good to be reminded that each of us have a specific purpose here on this earth.
 Every day that you are given, make it purposeful. Simple things like looking people in the eyes and offering a warm smile, blessing a family in need, or taking a special treat to a friend to brighten her day... these are the things that are meaningful. Live in these moments and teach others to do the same. Enjoy this Wonderful Life you have been given!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Chip's version of camping is a bit different than most. Chip and I both stink at camping. I won't do it and any woman who will is pretty stinkin' awesome. Chip camped out at the farm a few weeks ago in sleeping bags  (inside our very unfinished house) and he said it was the worst night sleep of his life. Maybe a bit dramatic, but I would have thought the same thing. On black Friday he woke up early and purchased this memory-foam-blow-up matress. Camping Snob. He stayed out there last weekend with all four kids. Super Dad. He said he slept like a baby.

When I walked up there the next day to see where all the troops had slept, I just laughed out loud. He is such a fun dad and these kids will have the best memories because of him.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter Love

One thing we have always loved are these old letters. For ten years Chip has been rounding these things up for me. These are great for your home and also make great Christmas gifts!
I just put over two hundred up at Spice Village so if you are in need of an initial or a word, stop by!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Welcome back Bentley

Our 200 pound dog is back with us again. The kids missed him. He is out there now protecting the land and free as a bird. Welcome Home big Bentley!