Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Labor of Love

The season for gardeing is fast approaching. Chip spent a weekend with the boys building me my new garden area at the farm. It was such a sweet surprise. The boys were so proud of their work.

I can't wait to show you the finished project! I love it and even more I love that my boys built it.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Paint Project: Random Finds

If there is decor in your home that needs some pop, then paint it... better yet, spray paint it! It's quick and easy. Below is a piece of decor that looks like every other kind of decor you would buy at a large chain home store. Here is a quick way to add some character to it...
 I decided to paint one blue and one gray
Notice the edges, I rubbed the sand paper down it to highlight the frame. If you sand too much you can always spray paint over it and try it again!
After the paint and sanding, these now have more color and pop to add to your home!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paint Project: End tables

If you are in need of a small side table, the best place to look for these are in antique stores and resale shops. It is fun to do color on smaller pieces.
This side table was $25
I decided to try out this yellow

Once again, I sanded down the edges of this piece to give it a more defined look.

This is now a sweet little side table that will add some
sunshine to any room!

Take a look around your house and see if there is somthing you don't love, give it a new look with a fresh coat of paint!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Paint Project: More Lamps!

Well this is my paint project week and if you just tuned in, I have gathered some random objects and I am giving them a new look... the easy way!

These are the tools I used to help me achieve
the look I was going for:

I found this little fellow in a consignment shop for $15. This wood base is amazing but clearly the lamp is outdated. I liked the idea of a distressed gray base with a clean white shade.



I sanded the edges down by hand with the circular sand disc. This simple sanding technique highlights the character of any piece.

This lamp is a for sure keeper!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Paint Project: Lamps!

This week I wanted to show you a simple, inexpensive way to add some color to your space. Spraypaint. That's right, a can of simple spray paint will do the trick; you will see how any object can transform from boring to bold in minutes!

I'm starting today with lamps. Lamps are an accessory that brightens up any room. But so many lamps are oh so ordinary and not so unique. The good news is you don't have to pay a fortune to achieve the look you want. I want to show you a simple, inexpensive way to add character and pop to any outdated lamp.
First, start off looking in  your own home. If you already have a lamp that you want to give a different look to than you are already a step ahead. If you don't, go to an antique store or your local Goodwill and hunt for a style you like. This is the fun part for me... finding the diamond in the rough.

See that brass one in the back?? I like it's shape and size, and even better, it has a match. The pair of brass lamps was $19. Score.
Next, I figure out what color palette inspires me for this lovely pair of lamps. The colors on this book speak to me.

With these colors in mind, I went to Lowes and bought my list of items that made my paint projects possible this week.
1. Spray paint- I prefer a satin over a glossy finish.

2. Sand Paper- I usually get a pack of discs like these

3. And then last on my shopping list are lamp shades... Target and Walmart have a good selection btwn $10-20 each.

Now it's time to give these lamps a new look!
The trick to spray paint is not spraying too close to the object so the paint doesn't run. It is also important to get a quality spray paint. It will make your life easier when you are doing these projects.

After you have painted the lamp, you don't want it to look too perfect. This lamp has great lines, sanding down these lines show off the best parts about this lamp. I fold the sand paper in half and use my finger to make sure I am only sanding the lines of the lamp that I want to highlight.  

Above is what the lamp base looks like before sanding and below is the after.

Thirty minutes later, we have ourselves a new pair of lamps...



The total cost of this project was $25 per lamp. Not bad for what I consider an important accessory in your home.

Color your spaces and look around for objects in your house that you want to give a new look to. It's quick, easy and inexpensive.

Stay tuned for more fun transformations!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentine D.I.Y.

Alissa with Oh Ollie was kind enough to share one her adorable Valentine ideas with  us. This is easy to make and would be fun to do with the kiddos!
Valentine's Garland
Step 1:
For a multi-colored garland, buy different colors of felt and cut about six inches per piece. If you want larger garland, cut 8-10 inches thick.
Step 2:
Fold the piece of felt and sew a seam along the fold.
Step 3:
Turn inside out and sew a seam along other side.
Step 4:
Cut out your hearts



Step 5:
Thread your needle and sew through the middle of each heart to connect and create your very own Valentine's Garland!

Now if you are like me and don't think you will actually make this for yourself, you can buy this or other adorable Valentine's from Alissa here! Check out all her cute stuff!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Paint Pretty

Get ready for some fun D.I.Y. Paint projects all next week. I've spent today searching for some old finds and I'm going to show you how to bring things back to life with some spray paint. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brick Happy

Cutest idea I've seen in a long time... Went into my favorite local florist Rosetree last week and I came across this creative, adorable idea. They painted a brick and stuck billy balls in the holes of the brick. How fun and easy is this?! This would be great for birthday parties, centerpieces, or cute everyday decor.

Simply add regular moss or reindeer moss (as seen) to cover the holes. You can use any flowers you like, the great thing about billy balls is that they dry and stay this way.

Fill the holes with green floral foam so the flowers stay in place.

Thanks Rosetree for the inspiring idea!
Have a Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Built-ins with purpose

Since this is the week of  book shelves and built-ins, I thought I would expand a little more on the idea of them in your home. This past year I really shifted from the idea of a beautiful home to a livable, inspiring home for my children. Do I still have white couches? Yes. Do I still have things that could break if a ball were to hit them? Of course. I'm not saying to saran wrap your home and turn it into primary color wonderland, but I am saying make it more purposeful where you can.
Look for spaces where you can incorporate their things as well. In our last house, it was built-in city so I had a lot of space for the things I loved and plenty of space for my kids stuff as well. If your space is limited, it is okay to have a corner for them in the living room, or even a bookshelf just for their stuff.
My point about purpose is that you may need to switch out some stuff on your shelves and make it a little less pretty and more practical for this season.

It is freeing to throw out the rules and expectations.

The problem with many built-ins is the amount of shelf space that is available. Many people feel challenged by this because it is hard to fill a space this large, especially when there are 8 more of these that are attached. What I did here in this pic was add a large box to go in the space so that it took the focus off the large opening. It helps break the space up. Adding books makes the box serve a purpose rather than you just having a random box in your shelf. The number is a fun way to personalize it and add some character. Lastly, I love the use of greenery to bring life to the space.
Another way to keep things simple but practical is by using crates and cute baskets. It gives an orderly look to things like toys, books, and games.
Use your spaces with purpose and don't be afraid to step out on a limb and be different!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Clearing your Shelves

When I am helping a client out with her home, the number one trouble spot is built-ins and book shelves. So many feel the need to fill the white space up with so much stuff ; it's almost the same mentality as the girl who rambles because she fears the awkward silence. 
It's time to let your rooms breathe. In a culture that is convincing us to store up and accumulate, I can honestly say, it's suffocating. Less is more. I wanted to offer tips on how to clear your shelves and get rid of stuff so your spaces are more inspiring rather than stifling.
This first pic is what many built-ins look like that I come across. Cluttered. Full of objects whose main purpose is to not tell a story but to take up space.  I am going to give you a detailed description of both the before and afters. This will hopefully help many of you who feel cramped in your space or who need help in styling your rooms.
This shelf has pretty objects but it is just too pieced together. There are 28 objects on this one little shelf. There are lots of clusters and sets of things. This isn't wrong it just makes the shelf feel impersonal and full. Your main job when filling these spaces is to make it feel like your home and your family, not a museum.

Here is an after I put together for those of you who like clean and simple. The same technique I offered in my mantle post I use on my shelves. There are three main rules I go by when doing built-ins and shelving:
Notice how I use the books to elevate the bottles and the scale to elevate the nest. This adds more interest and here you can incorporate more color. I used blue books for a little splash of color.
Do you see how the bottles have more character in front of the gray tray? The objects I layer with I like to keep very simple so that the decor that is in front is not competing for attention but being highlighted.
On each shelf notice how I shifted the balance. On the first level I have a large drawer on the right, on the second shelf, I have a tray as the backdrop on the left, and on the third I use the mixture of the book, vase, and stand.
Also, if I am bringing in a color like the blue or gray in this pic, I try and tie it in on each shelf so it flows well. The same goes for the glass bottles, I put them on all the shelves so there was a common theme.
The next two after pics I switched up a bit. There is a lot less on all the afters simply because I used things that were larger rather than using a ton of little things to take up the space.
This next shelf has a little more natural browns in it:
If you study this pic, you will see how I balanced out each shelf with the brown on opposite sides.
 If you can think in terms of shifting the weight from side to side this will help you. Again, you see the blue books in here as the common color theme. The natural greenery help bring the space to life.

This last picture, I just used a lot less but I wanted to show you how you don't have to have the space so jam packed to make a statement. Less is inspiring and it leaves room for the imagination.
Make your space more interesting by doing things a little more unexpected. Add some life to your space.The other thing I wanted to point out is that all these objects are accumulations of things I have bought over time.
These things tell a story to me of times past and I like their history. I didn't go shopping in a day and just buy stuff to get my shelves done. This is from hunting and shopping at my favorite spots, antique stores, and boutiques. All this to say, take your time and enjoy the hunt.

Design isn't only for those who studied it or who have a knack for it, it can be for anyone who craves making their house a home. Hopefully these simple ideas will inspire you in your spaces! Send me pics of your favorite space!
If you are interested in the trays seen in the post email me. They are available for sale.